NCIS Troll


Three weeks ago I thought the story line was good but was frustrated that is was a To be continued… So I figured it would all be wrapped up the following week. But last week, once again, To be continued… So I figured they would wrap it up for the season finale. How stupid of me.


It starts with the Troll episode. Bishop’s husband Jake turns out to be talking to Gibbs on a regular basis. The team is then called to a murder scene. Surprise, surprise.  The woman was Navy Ensign Janine Wilt who had her neck slashed. The team can’t find much about her because everything about her seems to be classified.

They find out Wilt volunteered with a girls’ basketball team. McGee finds out she was working in Cyber Warfare. He commander tells the team that she was an expert in code breaking and was working on a Columbian drug ring Sword of Satan. But he says they are all in jail because of her so that couldn’t be it. Gibbs doesn’t buy it.
Drug Cartel?

McGee is having trouble cracking the firewalls in Wilt’s computer. Ned Dorneget of NCIS Cyber is sent over to help. Dorneget thinks the likely culprit is Alfredo Montez, who is out on parole for drug trafficking. He created the cartel’s secure messaging system.

They find Montez who thinks they are going to kill him. It turns out that someone backdoored his computer and Montez wasn’t involved.
Turkish Businessman?
Dorneget finds that Wilt gained access to a home computer from her laptop, so they go pay the person a visit. The guy’s name is Korkmaz and says his computer is only for business and won’t let them in. And they can’t get a warrant. Not enough reason.
They get help from a source at NSA, quite likely Jake. Leads to an argument between Bishop and Jake.
Jake shows up the next morning and refuses access to Korkmas’ computer and Gibbs gives him grief in typical Gibbs style. Jake breaks and agrees to do it and suffer any consequences within the NSA.

No, his daughter – sort of
Korkmas denies being in the chat room but recognizes the email of his daughter. It turns out she used her father’s computer without permission. She got really weirded out by the people in this chat room and left. It turns out she played basketball and knew Wilt and Wilt was trying to help and was tracking down who controlled the chat room. She  also blocked the chat room for the daughter because they were telling her she needed to follow her true calling. She tells them Helbent427 was the screen name of the person who got her to join the chat.
Loner kid
Because of Abby finding a Vietnam era bayonet probably was the weapon used and Dorneget finds the same last name as the owner of Hellbent427. They go to pay a visit and the boy Brad splits. He has a 3D printing device and has made a bomb.

Brad is on a bus with the bomb when it is surrounded by the team. Gibbs gets him to let the passengers off. He has just about convinced him to put the bomb down when the police show up sirens blazing and Brad runs back into the bus and blows himself up.