Jun, 2015

Did you go to Comic-Con 2014 in Baltimore, Maryland? Are you going to Comic-Con 2015 in Baltimore? If not, you should. Baltimore is the place to be during the September convention. There are some great names coming such as Neal Adams, Jeremy Bastian, Marty Baumann, John Beatty and Christina Blanch to name just a few.

I think you will be excited to see what they are going to have at the upcoming Comic-Con. The souvenir program, unlike most generic conventions is a collector’s piece because of all the awesome art in it. They are going to have an art auction on Saturday as well.

Program Sessions

There are a series of talk on  cosplay, the etiquette, how to do it, how to look good in a costume, how to create a costume. There is one that looks interesting on the history of comics and how some people were so threatened by comics feeling they were corrupting Americans, especially the kids, that censorship was begun. There is another about teaching history and culture and nature with comics. Another about how to do social commentary through comics. And then others on companies or their creations such as Hermes Press and the Phantom, Archie, Valiant Comics and Armor Hunters.

Then there are sessions about fanzines and several on the theme of sexy or sexualized, comics portrayal of women (and men) and also issues of androgyny in some cases. There is also a session on how to create your own characters. Naturally there is also one on the Marvel Universe and what is coming. And, Frank Cho will do a live drawing demonstration. Peter Mayhew of Chewbacca fame will be there for a presentation as well.


Last year they expanded the amount of space. Then they had to expand again before it opened because they had so many vendors. They also added Friday to make it a 3 day event so you would have time to see and experience everything. Great decision.

Costume Contest

And perhaps the best is saved for last. The costume contest is at the end of Sunday. It was so great seeing all the costumes last year and meeting all the people from all over. There were Batman, Superman, Supergirl, Wonderwoman, Ironman, GI Joes, Wolverine, Aquaman, Spiderman and many more. There were some created characters. We are hoping that the guy who came only in a Tarzan loin cloth decides on a different costume this coming year. And going with the theme of sexy or sexualized there were some women there wearing amazing costumes or not wearing as the case may be.