NCIS – The Lost Boys


This episode is called Lost Boys. At the end of the last episode, Troll, a boy named Brad blows himself up on a bus.

Bishop and McGee feel horrible because if they had caught Brad at his house instead of him giving them the slip, he would still be alive. Gibbs sees a boy who runs and Gibbs gives chase but can’t catch him. Ducky sees ¬†what looks like a tattoo on Brad’s arm that looks sort of familiar.

Dorneget MTAC and The Calling

At HQ, Dorneget is about to lead his firs MTAC briefing and Tony and McGee are messing with him and trying to get him nervous. But, they fail. Dorneget has found that adopting another persona helps combat nervousness. His is named Gilroy Libbs. Amusing.

Dorneget found that a group named The Calling was using recruiters to target kids. They used chat rooms, cartoons and video games. He likened it to Peter Pan and a twisted band of “Lost Boys”.
They get a call from Paris and Commissioner Girard says there is a guy named Matthew Rousseau involved with the calling in France. They have intercepted and deciphered some messages and The Calling is looking to buy S-mines. These are WWII German mines that when detonated, jump up and spray shrapnel and nails, etc. when they explode, to kill and maim as many people as possible.
There is a guy named Agah  Bayar who Gibbs knows who apparently is not the most savory character. Gibbs asks him to find out who is looking for the S-mines and he will be paid whatever the DIA normally pays him.
A Lead – Sadiq Samar
The “tattoo” on Brad which was actually permanent marker was like one a radicalized US soldier and planned to kill an imam. One person from the plot is still alive, Sarah Goode. Surprisingly she is very willing to help because she believes the original purpose of the group has been twisted and she wants the kids saved that are being recruited.
She points them to Sadiq Samar who is an engineer and unfortunately a US citizen and a skilled recruiter. She asks that they kill him when they find him.
Dorneget and McGee get sent to Cairo to an Interpol meeting. At the same time, Gibbs finds out that DIA has quashed his deal with Bayar.
Luke Harris
Bishop finds a building that Samar has bought with an alias. She, Gibbs and Tony go and find the bayonet that killed Wilt. They also find the boy who ran from the scene at the bus. Gibbs convinces him to give up the gun that he has. His name is Luke Harris and is Iraqi but adopted by American parents. He has been bullied at school because of his Middle Eastern backgroung.
Abby can’t give a report due to working on something else and it is read by Tony. He imitates her and it is priceless. Apparently the chat rooms are opened and closed quickly and can’t be traced.
The building Samar bought has a bunker attached and Abby asks to go see it along with Tony and Bishop. In the next scene McGee and Dorneget find out Rousseau is captured and McGee flies out to the aircraft carrier where he is being held to question him.

They figure Luke is in danger so they use Gibbs house as a safe house and Gibbs tries to bond with him. Ducky meanwhile is going over Luke’s belongings to profile him and finds instructions to destroy anyone close to them unless they are also a believer of The Calling.
Back in the bunker, not good. Samar has been testing S-mines and figuring out how to get multiple mines to detonate at the same time.
Despite not being allowed to talk to Bayar, Gibbs send Tony and Bishop to talk to him anyway and to blackmail him into helping by bringing Bayar’s mother into it and possibly deporting her. Bayar is not happy and wants to meet with Gibbs. He also far prefers Bishop to Tony. In the end he tells them he would have done it anyway without blackmail and without money because kids should not be used this way.
Ducky found a letter Luke wrote to his parents that was horrible but he never completed it which Ducky finds somewhat hopeful. Gibbs confronts Luke and he breaks and asks if he can see his parents if he gives information about Samar. They go to Luke’s house and find his parents have been murdered.
Cairo Bombing
On the aircraft carrier, McGee interrogates Rousseau who plays dumb but tells McGee that it is too bad he is missing the party in Cairo. McGee runs to get a phone and calls Dorneget and tells him to evacuate the hotel.
Dorneget quickly gets people to evacuate and as this is happening he notices a guy with bleached blond hair watching. He sets the trigger a laser beam comes on and Dorneget sees a guy running toward it and tries to stop him but can’t. The S-mines pop up and all hell breaks lose and Dorneget falls to the ground, riddled with shrapnel. A little bit later the team finds out that he died.
Bayar Shot and a Plot
Bayar makes contact and requests to speak with Bishop. Don’t know why they didn’t just say it over the phone. They meet in some dark, out of the way place and Bayar tells them that multiple people are looking to buy the mines for a coordinated attack worldwide. They were just running a test in Cairo. A car comes by and opens fire and despite Tony pushing Bayar down, he is hit but they get him to the hospital and should survive.
Since Dorneget’s only family is his mother and she is abroad, Gibbs tells Vance that the whole team will be there to meet the plane bringing Dorneget back. As Gibbs looks at the casket as it is taken out of the plane he sees Dorneget, Mike Franks and other dead former cast members standing on the runway. He looks again and they are gone.
Just then a car drives up and Dorneget’s mother gets out. It turns out she is with the CIA and her name is Joanna Teague. She says she appreciates them being there, but if they are there, they aren’t catching Dorneget’s killers and lets hop to it. She is out for blood.