Agents of SHIELD Finale


I refuse to put in all the periods. Too much of a pain to type. Bad enough it is all caps.

Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the show yet, you might not want to read further.

Going back to last week, it made a reference to the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron that had just been released the week before. But the attempt to tie in and make any connection with the movie was weak at best. It looks like they are taking the TV show and the movies in different directions or at least not coordinating them all that much. Kind of disappointing. So have to think of the two as two separate stories and just have to live with it.

Also, was disappointed to learn that Jiaying was not a good person. She had seemed so good up to that point. Good plot twist.

This week, it was a two way struggle. One with Jiaying and the inhumans and the other with Ward and Agent 33. It wrapped up reasonably well but left a few things hanging for next season.

Ward and Agent 33

Agent 33 impersonated Melinda May to fool Bobbi. They met up with Ward and the two of them proceeded to torture Bobbi to try and get her to apologize for handing Agent 33 over to Hydra. Bobbi refused to apologize and pointed out that it was a choice of giving up one person, Agent 33, or getting 12 other agents killed. She would do it again.

There is intercutting between this story line and the inhuman story line but might as well finish up this one. Lance and Fitz figure  out she was captured and Lance and Melinda May and some other agents go to rescue Bobbi. Despite still being pissed at Bobbi for not telling him about the second version of SHIELD and kidnapping him, Lance is really worried for her. Ward turns on her cell phone to lure them in and sets up a trap to blow Lance’s head off when he walks through the door.

Ward and Agent 33 take out a couple of agents. Bobbi tries to move when first left alone as bait to try and get to the gun aimed at the door. But she gives up. Then she starts again when she hears Lance coming. Just in time she moves so she takes the bullet in the shoulder. But, why wasn’t she trying to move the whole time. She could have moved enough to re-aim the gun away from the door. Always have little pet peeves about things when plot line doesn’t hold together.

For that matter, her hands were bolted in cuff to a table. She is left alone for a while and somehow she jumps up and attacks Ward and gives him a pretty good beating before Ward and 33 subdue her. How did she do that?


It turns out that Jiaying was something like Jim Jones and got people to drink the koolaid. She had several who were loyal to her and helped carry out her planned war on SHIELD and had no qualms about killing lots of people. Disappointingly, one of those was Gordon. Others went along with her because of her deceptions.

After killing Gonzales and shooting herself to make it look like Gonzales did it, she has Gordon and a couple of others “jump” onto one of the SHIELD jets, knock out or kill the crew, take it over and fire on the compound. But they only fired a couple of times, and only where Gonzales’ body was to cover up evidence and also to convince the inhumans that SHIELD was bad.

It turned out that one way Jiaying heals really quickly is to suck the life out of another person.  While this was happening, Skye was talking to Raina who told Skye that her mother was a problem and that Skye would lead the inhumans.

Raina then goes to talk to Jiaying and tells her that she is an angel and one of an angels jobs is to spread the news and she was going to spread the news about what Jaiying was doing. Jaiying slits Raina’s throat just as Skye walks up to say she was going to join her mother. That of course didn’t happen.

Skye gets taken prisoner and Gordon, Jiaying and a force of inhumans goes to the aircraft carrier and takes it over. Their plan is to kill all the agents with the crystals and to lure agents from all over the world to the same fate.

Mack, who has decided to leave SHIELD but is still on the ship is the only one not rounded up. He getsto Skye and frees her and they work on getting a signal out to Coulsen.

Just before Coulson and Fitz and others leave to go save the aircraft carrier, Fitzimmons, seeing the interaction between Bobbi and Lance decides to talk to Fitz. He says, Now? You choose now to talk to me? Coulson comes in and they leave.

Skye manages to convince Gordon that Jiaying is manipulating people and wants the war. After some more fighting, they finally get control of the ship back. Gordon gets killed in an interesting way. He materializes behind Fitz, but the pole Fitz is holding goes through him completely by accident.

Calvin was given up to SHIELD to wreak havoc on them because of some strength enhancers he took. Coulson traps him and talks to him and makes him realize that both of their primary concerns is Skye/Daisy. He  amazingly agrees to help against Jiaying.

In the end, Jiaying and some others are trying to fly off with crystals to rain destruction on the world. Skye goes to stop her bue Jiaying tries to kill her by sucking the life out of her. Skye after almost succumbing blows her back with her power and then pushes the plane off the deck into the ocean. Jiaying and Skye struggle again with their powers when Calvin walks up and says to Skye that he doesn’t want her to live with this the rest of her life and then kills his wife Jiaying.


Bobbi tells Lance she has had enough and wants out of SHIELD. Mack now trusts Coulson enough to stay in SHIELD and Coulson places him in charge of alien technology because Mack distrusts it so much. Melinda May is going to take a break and get away, possibly with her former husband. We see her putting some sexy lingerie in her bag as she packs up her locker. But then she goes back and gets her gun. Calvin was going to jail but Skye visits him with Coulson and Calvin has opened up a veterinary business and he doesn’t remember Skye. He had his mind wiped. Coulson makes Skye in charge of a team of inhumans for SHIELD. So far, just her till they figure it out.

Fitz and Jemma are making plans to go out for dinner. Jemma is alone in the room with the black rock/liquid thing and suddenly it breaks open the door, swallows Jemma up and goes back to being a rock.

Will we see a decrease in sales of food supplements? Last scene. Crystals at the bottom of the ocean dissolving and fish swimming by. Then fish being caught. Then fish being processed and vitamin or fish oil capsules being manufactured and shipped. Interesting set up for next season.