Avengers- Age of Ultron


Age of Ultron was good, but I liked the first Avengers better. Better banter. But I will have to watch it again because some of the dialogue was going by so fast I might have missed some of the funnier lines.

I will also be curious to see if Quicksilver somehow comes back. I wasn’t sure what kind of powers his sister, Scarlet Witch had. Seemed to involve the mind but then during the movie expanded to a lot more.

I was also surprised to read that the studio wanted to take out most of the scenes at Hawkeye/Jeremy Renner’s farmhouse. It made perfect sense and was a breather in between a lot of action.

I was disappointed by the main plot point – Computer Intelligence gone awry. That has been hashed over so many times. It was done well in War Games and then there was HAL in 2001. You can also include Eagle Eye and I Robot. And then of course there are the Matrix movies. Plus, it wasn’t clear why Ultron was acting the way he was. It seemed to change during the movie, starting with protecting them by eliminating them and then to I just want to dominate.

Also, there seems to be a complete disconnect with the TV show Agents of SHIELD. I saw one interview online where Joss Whedon says for the movies Agent Coulsen is dead and will remain dead. I think he isa bit miffed that as they were getting the TV show off the ground, SHIELD was mostly destroyed in the movies and they had to scramble to have everything make sense in the TV show.

Also, what was that thing that looked like a blue Hulk at the end during the credits?